• The purpose of this page is for you the athlete, or your parent/guardian, to have additional information of ways to get stronger, get faster, stay healthier, and avoid minor issues throughout your training.
    If you have any questions or comments on any of this information please email Coach Gable (jgable@cbsd.org).
    According to both Central Bucks and PIAA policy, if your athlete gets injured he/she MUST see the South athletic trainer first.
    If your athlete goes to see a family doctor or specialist without seeing the trainer first, he/she will NOT be allowed to come back to practice or compete until being (1st) cleared by doctor seen and (2nd) cleared by the South athletic trainer.  Most injuries can be evaluated and resolved by seeing the South athletic trainer.  After this initial examination the trainer will be in contact with you the parent/guardian.
    How to be Cleared by a Doctor
    You MUST acquire a note from your doctor clearing you to return to play process.  The note must be given to and reviewed by the athletic trainer before returning to practice/competition.
    Madisen Keim, CB South Athletic Trainer
    office: 267-893-3171
    email: mkeim@cbsd.org