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    Back to School

    Dear Parents,

    The items listed below supplement the supplies provided by the school and will help your child be prepared for the many tasks and assignments in the year ahead. While there may be additional items that individual teachers may request for special classroom projects, the Grade 5 team believes that this list will give you a head start on your Back-to-School shopping.

    o   One flash drive for typed projects and reports

    o   Two marble composition notebooks

    o   Six double pocket folders with three-hole fasteners in the middle.  To assist in organization please purchase one in red, blue, green, purple, yellow, and one in any color or print.

    o   #2 pencils (1 pkg) and erasers

    o   1 Black felt tip Sharpie

    o   1 box of colored pencils

    o   1 pair of  scissors

    o    2-3 highlighters (yellow)

    o   1Glue stick

    o   Post-it Notes (3x3 size)

    o   Dry Erase markers

    o   An adult sock to use as eraser on whiteboard

    o   Antibacterial wipes.

    o   Hand Sanitizer

    o   Box of tissues

    o   Soft pencil case

    o   One drawstring bag for math

    o   1-3 inch loose leaf binder with 3 tab-dividers marked:

    §  Reading, writing, math
    Note:  No hard pencil boxes PLEASE!
    Please label all materials with student name and room