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       1 large glue stick

      1 box of colored pencils or box of crayons-   (maximum 24)

      6 pencils

      1 thin, black sharpie marker (for outlining)

     1 pair of scissors

      1 highlighter

      1 sock to use as slate board eraser

      Several different colored expo markers

      1 green, 1 blue, 1 red, 1 yellow, and 1 FUN pocket folders (Please make sure these folders are 3 hole-punched and all of them have 2 pockets)

      2 marble composition books

      One 2” three-ring new or used binder (Please adhere to the size due to desk space)

      1 - 6-10 oz. container of hand sanitizer (optional)

      2 containers of anti-bacterial wipes (optional)

      2 boxes of tissues (optional)

      1 large Ziploc bag with zipper (used as a pencil box)