Back to School

    Welcome to First Grade at Mill Creek Elementary

                The First Grade Team would like to welcome you and your child to Mill Creek Elementary!  We are all very excited about the opportunity to work with you to make this upcoming school year a success.  You will be receiving important information prior to September regarding schedules, placement, etc.; however, we wanted to give you early notice about what supplies your child will need.  We have found that each student benefits from having his/her own supply of school tools.  Those Back to School sales usually start popping up at the end of July, and you’ll now be ready to take advantage of them. 


    Supplies needed for the first day of school: ~One box of Crayola crayons (24 count)
    Sharpened #2 pencils (at least 10-12)
    ~A small supply box (no larger than a cigar box) ~4 large glue sticks ~1 pair of scissors   Supplies needed by the end of the first week: ~ 1 package of 4 low-odor dry erase markers (red, black, blue, or green) ~ 1 dry-erase board eraser (to be used with your child’s white board) ~1 marble covered composition notebook (9¾ in. X 7½) ~An old, clean adult shirt or smock to be used during art class ~A container of antibacterial disinfecting cleaning wipes and/or baby wipes. ~ A disposable 14 oz. Ziploc circle container to hold your child’s coins (We’ve found that Ziploc’s are the easiest for the children to open.  The 14 oz. size container allows them to easily see all their coins and fits nicely in their tool kits.) ~ As it states later in this packet, your child will need a supply of coins for use during math class.  In the above described container please place: 100 pennies, 10 dimes, 20 nickels, and 4 quarters. ~Boys, please bring 1 box of large Ziploc storage bags (1 gallon)~Girls, please bring 1 box of Ziploc sandwich bags   General classroom supplies (optional but donations are greatly appreciated): ~1 box of colored pencils ~1 box of tissues ~1 bottle of liquid hand sanitizer   Be sure to label your child’s school supplies so that they may be returned to him/her if misplaced throughout the year.              Have a great summer, and be sure to check the Mill Creek web site at www.cbsd.org/millcreek for updates regarding the upcoming school year.