•  Welcome to Kindergarten!

    Kindergarten is an exciting and engaging place to be! We will learn through active, hands-on exploration and discovery through a variety of activities and lessons.

    During language arts, we use literature and informational text to study letters/words, decoding skills, vocabulary, and comprehension strategies. We use trade books and author studies that encourage us to consider author’s craft. The use of Kid-Writing encourages us to use phonetic spelling to sound out words.  Our writing programs, Being a Writer and Kid-Writing, combines the use of explicit strategy instruction with student choice to create a writer’s workshop that is engaging and powerful. Children also participate in guided reading and small group instruction in which they learn various reading strategies, while simultaneously interacting at literacy centers. Centers provide an opportunity to practice and apply what is learned.

    In math, we use the Everyday Mathematics program. This program helps us develop a broad background by learning concepts and skills, which include: numbers, computation, data/chance, measurement, geometry, patterns, and algebra. We learn many math concepts through morning calendar routine, cooperative learning through small group activities, and games.

    Science allows us to explore the world around us. Our units of study include: weather, nature, the human body, and personal safety.

    We begin social students with a unit on All About Me. We also learn about people who help in the community, as well as, other famous Americans. In addition, we use holidays such as Columbus Day, Martin Luther King Day, and Memorial Day as opportunities to learn.

     Parents, follow our calendar to help get your child ready for Kindergarten!
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