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    Where our alumni are competing today:

    CLASS of 2005
    Kyle Murray, distance, St. Joe's University (Philadelphia Pa)
    -mile = 4:21
    -3K = 8:26
    -5K = 14:39
    -8K = 25:41
    -10K (XC) = 31:16
    Duane Hynes, decathlon, Princeton University

    CLASS of 2006
    Justin Honigman, hurdles, Duquesne University
    Tim Humpton, hurdles, MIT

    CLASS of 2007
    Mike Tarkoff, distance, Dickinson University
    Sean Stetler, distance, Shippensburg University
    -1500m = 4:08
    -3K = 8:50
    -5K = 15:19
    -10K (XC) = 32:50

    CLASS of 2008
    Derek Hynes, pole vault, Princeton University
    Colin Donnelly, sprints/relays, University of Pennsylvania
    Vince Formica, decathlon, Cornell University
    Kyle Raguz, hurdles, Shippensburg University
    Eric Wolfe, sprints, Shippensburg University
    Brian Campbell, distance, Susquehanna University
    Evan Byrnes, sprints/jumps, University of Miami

    CLASS OF 2009
    Dave Manion, mid-distance, St. Joe's University
    Jeff Dickson, mid-distance, University of Maryland
    Matt Poiesz, mid-distance, East Carolina University
    Chris Niles, distance, Elizabethtown University
    Brandon Degnan, distance, Philadelphia University

    Class of 2010
    Tom Mallon, mid-distance, Stanford University
    Tyler Dougherty, sprints, St. Joe's University
    Jon Eisemann, sprints, St. Joe's University
    Yacine Zerdoum, sprints/jumps, Moravian Collage
    Nick Drozd, sprints/hurdles, West Chester University
    John Ruggerio, mid-distance, Widener University
    Dom Raguz, hurdles, Shippensburg University
    RL Knuckles, sprints, Shippensburg University

    Class of 2011
    Austin Gregor, distance, Georgetown University
    Joey Waddington, distance, St. Joe's University
    Sean Dougherty, jumps, Bucknell University