second grade
     This year, Second Grade will be focusing on the Caldecott Award and reading some of the award winning titles like some shown below!
     Click on the picture to learn more about the man behind the award,
    Randolph Caldecott!

    The 2020 Caldecott Award Winning Book!
        Here are some videos telling us a bit more about the Caldecott Award!
    Click on these titles to listen these stories!
     buzz  cover  
    Caldecott Books available in Buckingham's Library since the year 2000!
     2019 hello
     2018 wolf
     2017 radiant
     2016  finding winnie  
     2015   beekle
     2014  loco
    2013  hat
     2012  ball
     2011  sick
     2010  lion
     2009  house
     2008  hugo
     2007  flotsam
     2006  window
     2005  kittens
     2004  man
     2003  rabbit
     2002  so you want
     2001  pigs
     2000  joseph

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