9/19 update - please see audition video directions below (heading in bold!)

    WHAT: Chieftain Chorus is Tamanend’s large select chorus for 7th, 8th, and 9th grade students.  Students in Chieftain Chorus also have the opportunity to try out for Tamanend’s smaller select chorus, Gold’n’Blues.  Chieftain Chorus is named in reference to Tamanend’s namesake, Chief Tamanend.

    Chieftain Chorus will be meeting virtually once a week to start the school year and will collaborate on virtual project(s).  If/when it is possible, we will transition to in-person rehearsals.

    WHO: Auditions are open to any Tamanend student enrolled in Band, Chorus or Orchestra class who enjoys singing.

    WHEN: Virtual auditions will begin the week of September 21st.  Virtual audition practice sessions will be held from 3:00-3:30 on September 15th, 16th, 17th, and 18th.

    WHY: Because singing is cool!  Just ask THESE PEOPLE.

    HOW: The first step in the audition process is practicing the audition song, America the Beautiful.  I am looking for talented singers who can sing the song well in a choral style.  You can choose to sing in the key of F, Ab, C, or Eb for your audition.  If you don’t know which key is best for you, the audition preparation methods offered below should help!

    Here are three ways in which I can help you prepare for you audition:

    • Students in chorus classes will practice during class the week of September 14th.
    • UPDATE 9/19 - If you did not attend any of the virtual practice sessions, you can view one HERE.  Any interested student is welcome to attend virtual practice sessions (on Microsoft Teams) on September 15th, 16th, 17th, and/or 18th from 3:00-3:30pm. Click HERE to join these sessions.
    • You may use the practice materials HERE on your own time. You will find the song lyrics, video examples of me singing in each possible audition key, and the audition tracks you’ll eventually sing with when you record your audition.


    1) If you have not taken advantage of the preparation tools I listed just above, DO THAT NOW.  You will be confused by the rest of the process if you have not checked out the preparation materials!

    2) Join the Chieftain Chorus Audition Canvas page by clicking HERE.

    3) Go through the "Audition Process" module on Canvas (it should show up on the front page!) carefully to complete your audition.  All parts of the audition (surveys and audition video(s)) are due on Saturday night, September 26th(11:59pm).  As you will also read in the Canvas page, you may submit video auditions in up to 2 different keys. 

    I will be assessing your videos in the following categories: 

    Tone – Strength of Voice; Diction (Vowels); Engagement – Face and body is engaged while singing; Musicality – Dynamics, Energy, Feel, Rhythm; Control/placement - finding first note; Pitch and Intonation (except for obvious passaggio issues); Control – Register transition through passaggio; Control – Consistency of tone and volume throughout range; Diction (Clarity); Musicality – Phrasing; Tone – Quality of Sound; Rhythmic Accuracy

    Please note, since this is an audition for a chorus, not a solo opportunity, sing in a choral style.  Examples of singing in a choral style can be found in each of my videos on the practice material page linked above.  Additionally, here are a couple YouTube links to America the Beautiful choral renditions I like:

    Example 1  beginning to 1:10 (some great mouth shapes here - watch and learn!).

    Example 2 (about 2:14 to 3:20) (great HS State Festival Chorus with Band)



    Email Mr. Sanchez with questions

    Chieftain Chorus members - please use our Canvas webpage.  Mr. Sanchez will share a code so you can join.  There will only be a limited amount of information on this public page. 
    Everything you ever wanted to know about Tamanend's Chieftain Chorus...and more!
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