• Earn Your Stripes--Tamenend's School-Wide Positive Behavioral Intervention & Support Plan

    Tamanend Middle School empowers students to grow academically, socially and emotionally.  Students, staff, and families work collaboratively to model the acronym ROAR.

    Respect yourself, others, and property.

    Own your behaviors.

    Act appropriately.

    Remember Kindness.

    We believe that a caring, positive school culture and learning environment foster respectful, thoughtful, appropriate, and kind citizens.

    In order to operationalize our mission, Tamanend utilizes a school-wide positive behavioral intervention and support plan (SWPBIS).  This plan helps us establish a social culture in which students expect and support appropriate behavior from one another— creating school environments that are socially predictable, consistent, safe, and positive.  This helps to reduce problem behaviors that lead to office discipline referrals and suspensions, and to change perceptions of school safety.

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