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    Reading Olympics

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    Middle School List of Books Spring 2020

    Reading Olympics is a celebration of reading that encourages you to read some amazing young adult literature. The lists of books include "classics" and some brand new titles as well. The expectation is that you will read at least 5 books from the list before the Spring event. 
    Meetings will take place afterschool from 2:30 to 3:15 PM  and you will be expected to have a ride home promptly at 3:15. If you can't make a meeting, please email Mrs. Kilpatrick.    
    More information will be available in the fall, but you are welcome to start reading from the list above before that time.



    For more information about Bucks County Reading Olympics, please visit the BCIU site
             Scoring and ribbon colors:
                   Blue Ribbon = 50 points and
                   Red Ribbon = 40 -  49 points

                      Green Ribbon = 30 - 39 points

                                  Yellow Ribbon = 29 points and below