Welcome to Unami Guidance

    The Unami Guidance Department is committed to supporting students' academic, personal/social, and emotional well-being. Student services include: new student orientation; psycho-educational referrals, screenings, and testing; individual counseling; discussion groups; and classroom guidance presentations. We also coordinate program planning and PSSA testing, manage report cards and schedules, and maintain student's cumulative academic files. Students may request to see their counselor by asking their teacher, scheduling an appointment in the Guidance Office, or sending an email from home.  


    Mary Vigilante

     Students with Last names A-K 

     (267) 893-3411


    Kate Mallon
      Students with Last names L-Z 
     (267) 893-3412



     School Psychologist

    Rachel Elliot-Walsh

    (267) 893-3413


    Guidance Secretary

    Lois Smith

    (267) 893-3410


    Fax: 267-893-5820