• 8th Grade Program Planning
    Welcome to the 8th Grade Program Planning Page! Here we have resources, timelines, and other critical information that will assist you as you navigate through choices when selecting courses for your 9th Grade Year.
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    The 2020-21 Program of Studies will be available online (starting January 17th, 2020)
    at www.cbsd.org click STUDENT >  and scroll down to 2020-21 PROGRAM OF STUDIES grades 7-8.  Please refer to the Program of Studies Guide for clarification of course requirements.
  • Information regarding Honors Courses for 9th Grade

    Subject: Changes to Honors 9 Social Studies


    Please note the change below highlighted in green.  


    1900 Honors United States History

    (1 credit)

    United States History will cover the content of American history between 1890 and the present. Topics will follow those in Academic United States History.


    This course is designed for students who have demonstrated proficiency in social studies content and skills as well as language arts skills. Students will be expected to complete significantly more reading, informative and persuasive writing, and research projects than in the standard course. Some of the educational materials will be on a higher level than those used in the standard course and the course moves at a faster pace than the academic.

    Prerequisite: Advanced Social Studies 8 and Advanced English 8, A or B or teacher recommendation; Academic Social Studies 8 and Academic English, A or A- or teacher recommendation.

    Honors weighted-grade

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