• We're very excited to finally share the after-school club offerings at Unami. A few notes that may help:

    • Students CAN and SHOULD join multiple clubs.

    • Joining a club is a commitment. Please make every effort to make every club meeting once you join. The clubs work best when students attend on a consistent basis.

    • You may not be able to join a club now due to other commitments (like athletics for example), but that doesn't mean you can't join later in the year. We want you involved! Just contact the club facilitator, let them know of your interest and when you'll be able to join. It is important that the facilitators have a sense of how many participants there will be for planning purposes.

    • It is important that club participants are picked up on time. Thank you for your cooperation.

    We look forward to your involvement! Clubs and ideas are always growing and evolving. As the year passes, we will be sure to provide further updates regarding opportunities that present themselves later in the year.