• History of Buckingham Elementary School
    Our area was once served by a number of one-room schoolhouses. They were:


     Church  Closed 1930    Holicong  Closed 1953
     Forest Grove  cl 1937    Independent  cl 1939
     Friendship  cl 1953    Mozart  cl 1953
     Furlong  cl 1937    Tyro Hall  cl 1953
     Hickory Grove  cl 1939    Union    cl 1937


            Holicong          Tyro Hall
    Matthew Hughes settled in the area and bought land in 1705. One of his descendents, Amos Austin Hughes, died in 1842 and left a will which provided for the establishment of a school.  The will also set aside over 80 acres of land with buildings.
    Buckingham Township, by agreement with the Hughsian Board, leased approximately 35 acres of the original grant for a 99 year period.  The project of building a new school was approved in July of 1952.  Final building plans were accepted in April 1954 and in July of 1954 ground was broken for the building of Buckingham Elementary School.
    Front of School 1955
    front with bus and students
    The doors of Buckingham Elementary School opened to students and teachers in September 1955 and the building was dedicated in October of that year.  The school's first principal was Paul W. Kutz.  Subsequent principals were: Mr. George Kallenbach, Dr. James L. Brown, Mrs. Carolyn K. Ambler, Mr. James Marchesani, Mrs. Margaret Solitario, Mr. Karl Funseth and our current principal, Mr. Dan Estep.