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    Distance Learning Edition

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    Week of April 13th

    You are now moving beyond the 2 sources we gave you to start and finding a third choice that enhances your knowledge of your historical person.  Follow the guidelines in the PP and the screen cast below.

    The PowerPoint: Adding a website source to Noodletools

    The screencast of using a custom google search engine and citing a website in Noodletools: https://cbsd-my.sharepoint.com/:v:/g/personal/hkilpatrick_cbsd_org/EbnM526XUBpLgitZ5H73_BABoVqE30QY6Cch62k_Kk3UUg?e=m8eujo

    Day 6 (Tuesday, March 31st) 

     Create the bibliography entries for the second half of the first article provided.  Remember to start in the Sources view and select new under the note cards column.  Remember you will place full paragraphs into direct quote and then pull out the important information in the Paraphrase section.  Make your title Background: [main idea of Paragraph], Accomplishment: [main idea of Paragraph], or Impact: [main idea of Paragraph]. 

    What goes on the notecard



    Day 5 (Monday, March 30th)

    Create the bibliography entries for the two sources provided for you.  Use the very easy method that I explained in this PowerPoint: HPOTY Distance Learning.pptx 

    Once you have the entries created, in the sources view click new under notecards column.  This will automatically tie your notecard to the source.  Again, this is the same thing you did in ELA.  Then create note cards for the first half of the first article provided. 

    Remember you will place full paragraphs into direct quote and then pull out the important information in the Paraphrase section. Review this video to help you with the notecards: Creating a Notecard in Noodletools

    Day 4 (Thursday, March 26th) 

    Review the Noodle Tools Refresher PowerPoint: HPOTY Distance Learning.pptx and do steps 1 through 5 only today.  


    Day 3 (Wednesday, March 25th)

    Build on your work from the previous day.  Read one of the articles provided on the two or three people that interest you.  Pick out two things that you find interesting.  Identify one thing you would like to learn more about.  Decide which person you find the most interesting and will focus on for this activity.  Then complete the discussion on Canvas identifying your historical person and the two points you found interesting and the aspect that you really want to learn more about. 

    • Day 2 (Tuesday, March 24th) : Conduct some pre-search.  Look through the list of Historical People, click on the links and take a look at the introductory paragraphs.  Come up with two or three on whom you would like to focus. Let Mrs. Kilpatrick know if any of the links are not working.  (hkilpatrick@cbsd.org)