• Career Plan 9 “CP9” = Naviance

    Naviance Logo

    This is a graduation requirement!!!!

    You will earn .25 credits

    Replaces 9th Grade Assessment

    Allows for self-assessment

    Allows for career exploration

    ****** Log into Naviance through the CLEVER APP on CBSD 365

    Requirement 1:  Learning Styles Inventory

    Learning Styles Inventory

    Requirement 2:  Career Cluster Inventory

    Career Cluster Inventory

     Requirement 3:  Multiple Intelligence Assessment

    Multiple Intelligence Assessment

    Requirement 4: Resume Building

    Resume Building

    • Should be simple, including your Education and any Extracurricular Activities you are involved with.
    • You do not need an “Objective”, however, if you would like to add one, it could simply state “To create a high school resume.”
    • You will add to this resume over the next three years. When you are a 12th grade student you will have a complete resume.

    You can access and edit your resume through Naviance at any time

     Requirement 5:  Naviance Journal Reflective Questions

    • Your answers should be in full sentences with well thought out answers and a demonstrated level of reflection.

    Naviance Journal Reflective Question