Get Ready for 
    summer Reading!


    We’ve all heard it, those two dreaded words… summer slide. What is it though? Summer slide describes what happens when young minds sit idle over the summer months. Children who do not read over the summer may lose up to three months of reading achievement. Worst of all, summer reading loss is cumulative1.

    Why is this important?

    Research shows:
    • Students who read over the summer do better in school in the fall 
    • Students who do not read over the summer demonstrate academic loss in fall (the dreaded summer slide or setback)
    • 8 out of 10 studies indicate students who read for fun outperformed those who did not
    • Reading 5 books over the summer can help prevent academic loss

    1 "Summer Reading Slide." Literacy Resources. Reading Is Fundamental, 2015. Web. 05 June 2015.

    What can parents do? 

    Summer provides many opportunities for parents and children to enjoy fun and exciting books together. Here are a few suggestions how to help your child enjoy summer reading and avoid the slide. 

      • Stress the importance of summer reading with your child
      • Make reading exciting; don’t think of it as a chore
      • Create a no TV or electronic game time during part of each day
      • Join a summer reading program at your local library
      • Let your child choose his/her own books
      • Go to the public library regularly
      • Ask your child questions about the books they are reading
      • Read books to your child
      • Listen to your child read to you
      • Pick a favorite author or series and read all the books
      • Listen to books on tape while traveling
      • Model good reading habits
      • Access Mill Creek’s ebooks!

     summer reading

    So let’s keep those brains active and make a summer reading plan with your child now!


    How can you access some great summer reading without leaving your home?

    Gaining access to quality fiction and non-fiction is now a click or two away with Mill Creek's eBooks using Follett Shelf, Capstone Interactive Library, TrueFlix, and FreedomFlix.

    Destiny Discover: Over eighty online fiction and non-fiction books. Students access these books by logging in with the same username and password they use to log into the school computers.

    Capstone Interactive eBooks: Over one-hundred interactive eBooks which can be accessed through the Mill Creek Library home page or by going to this website. However you choose to gain access, please use the username and password listed below. No need to check out these books, they are always available!

    Username: cblib              Password: school

     Happy Reading!