• Saxon
    Incremental/Developmental Lessons
    Each lesson is task analyzedLessons distributed through year
    Lessons spiral back
    New learning is one succinct skill
    Continual PracticeBuilt in drill and repetition
    Primary - homework mirrors lesson
    Hands on practice
    Cumulative AssessmentsEvery five lessonsSpiraling80% or better is considered proficientThe Saxon program does not wait for mastery before moving on to the next skill because you will come back to the skill. It is a research-based and evidence-based program. At first it is easy and then as each level in the program progresses, it builds and becomes more challenging. This was done on purpose for the following reasons:To give students a feeling of successTo build a strong foundationTo close the gapTo prepare to build on skillsTo develop predictable routinesTo use easy concepts to introduce vocabularyInstructional LevelsPrimary Program:Level K: Kindergarten instructional levelLevel 1: 1st grade instructional levelLevel 2: 2nd grade instructional levelLevel 3: 3rd grade instructional levelLevel 4: 4th grade instructional levelUpper Elementary Program:Saxon 5/4: 4th grade instructional level (appropriate for struggling 5th grade student)Saxon 6/5: 5th grade instructional level (appropriate for struggling 6th grade student)Saxon 7/6: 6th grade instructional level (appropriate for struggling 7th grade student) - See more at: https://www.cbsd.org/Page/6093#sthash.gkoCeh0S.dpuf