• READ 180

    The READ180 program provides students with small group direct instruction, independent and modeled reading, and individualized practice in reading, spelling, vocabulary, and writing. The program is designed to provide reading and writing instruction to students in a block setting. The computerized component of READ 180 allows the teacher to teach students at a variety of reading levels.

    Each instructional period is comprised of:

    Whole-and Small-Group Instruction with the rBook

    Fluency is taught through modeled reading, choral reading, and partner cloze. Embedded throughout the rBook are questions that require students to apply rigorous comprehension skills that include the higher order thinking skills of synthesis, analysis, and evaluation.

    Modeled and Independent Reading

    Students choose from a selection of leveled books. Students are accountable for the books that they read during this rotation through quizzes that monitor comprehension. Teachers also utilize discussion guides and text based questions to assess close reading. Self-monitoring habits are built as students track their own progress and increase their level of challenge.

    Software Rotation

    In the Reading Zone students are provided with fluent models of reading. Students are prompted to record their reading which are stored in the student’s portfolio and progressed monitored over time. Comprehension Quick Check Questions in the Reading Zone assess comprehension of the Topic Software. In the Word Zone students receive instruction in decoding and word recognition. More than 8,000 words are defined, analyzed, and contextualized for study. In the Spelling Zone students practice spelling and receive immediate corrective feedback through the spelling clinic, spelling challenge, and proofreading.