• Reading Olympics

    The 2022 Reading Olympics list is now available!

    The Reading Olympics is a celebration of reading! At Mill Creek, we invite all interested 5th and 6th graders, from all reading levels, to participate on one of our teams. 

    If you think you are interested and would like to get a head start reading the books, the 2021 Elementary Reading List can be found by clicking here.

     Please see our FAQs below for more information about the program!
     What is Reading Olympics?
    The purpose of this Reading Olympics is to encourage children to read more than they currently do, to read a greater variety of books, and to enjoy the excitement of reading and talking about books. It is sponsored by the Bucks County Intermediate Unit.
    The Reading Olympics competition, which usually occurs in April, is the culmination of the students hard work.  This competition has teams of students from various Bucks County elementary schools competing in three rounds of questioning.  Each round is against a different school/team.  The questions are based on the books the students read from the Reading Olympics book list which you can see by clicking the link above.

    How do I get on a team at Mill Creek?

    Students who wish to be considered for a team will need to read three Reading Olympics books prior to the due date for the permission slips (usually around Winter Break).  Then, they must read a minimum of seven more Reading Olympics books from the list before the competition. We ask that the students read books that they have not already read in the past.  The team format encourages students to share the challenge of reading the selection of books with their friends.

    How many students are on a team?

    There are 8 to 16 students on a team depending on the number of students who wish to participate and the number of teams each school is permitted.  The number of teams per school is based on school enrollment.

    What happens once I’m on a team?

    Most of the preparation required for this event is simply reading books from the Reading Olympics book list.  The books will be available at our school library. 
    As a member of the team you are required to attend team meetings.  Our teams will meet in January, February and March. The purpose of the meetings is to monitor progress and discuss the books, practice answering questions, review strategies, and make decisions regarding team names and t-shirt design. The meetings will take place during the school day, and we will make every effort not to interfere with classroom instruction.   Closer to the date of the competition, more frequent meetings will be held to allow time for the team members to quiz one another on the contents of the books read.
    How does the competition work?
    During the competition evening, all teams participate in three rounds of questioning. Teams are never eliminated. At the culmination of the event, all students receive a ribbon, determined by the number of points their team earned during the evening. Everyone leaves with a ribbon and great memories Please check back often for more information. 
    If you are interested and would like to get a head start reading the books, the 2021 Elementary Reading List can be found by clicking here!


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