• Book Care Tips!

    Dog chewing book  

    We have many new books and many older books in our library.  We want to be sure that they last a long time.  Please remember to take extra good care of your library books! 

    Here are some tips to help keep our books healthy: 
    1.  Always make sure that you keep your books in a safe place.
    2.  Make sure that your books are kept away from food and drinks.
    3.  Please turn the pages carefully so they will not get torn.
    4.  Keep your books away from your pets.  Your pets may get hungry
         and try to enjoy them!
    5.  Keep pencils and crayons away from your books.  Please don't write
         in any library book!
    6.  Always use a bookmark. Please do not turn pages or corners of pages
         over to mark your place.  If you need a bookmark ask your librarian.
    7.  Please do not pull labels and stickers off of the books.  This is how we
         identify and locate a book in the library.
    8.  Books don't like water.  Please keep your books dry... out of the rain...
         away from the bath... away from the pool.
    9.  It is wonderful to read to your younger brothers and sisters, but please
         don't let them play with your book. Little ones don't know how fragile
         the pages are. 


    If an accident does happen to your book, please bring it to the library as soon as possible.  No one will be angry and we may be able to repair it!