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    The game schedules (updated 9/14/2023): 2023 Lenape Field Hockey Game Schedule

    Practice is from 2:40 to 4:45 Monday through Friday, any day we don't have a game.  Please arrive a few minutes early to get ready.

    Remember to bring your gear: mouthguard, shinguards, cleats, stick, proper attire, and WATER.  You should bring a full water bottle to the field every day.

    Games start at 3:15 and the game is usually over by 4:20.  Players may leave at 4:30 or at the conclusion of our post-game meeting.

    News and Information: (IMPORTANT)

    Friday, 9/29: Due to the weather, practice today is cancelled.  Varsity players please remember that there is a game at Newtown on Monday.  Please be prepared.

    Wednesday, 9/27: The varsity game scheduled for today has been cancelled due to poor field conditions. We are hoping to reschedule the game and will update the schedule when possible.  The varsity team will practice at the normal time, 2:45 to 4:45.

    Tuesday, 9/26: The JV game scheduled for today, 9/26, has been postponed until Wednesday, 10/18. 

    * All players are encouraged, but not required, to return from away games with the team on the bus.

    Parents picking up their child from an away game should notify the coach via email before 1 PM on the day of the game and must report to the coach and sign the parent pick-up sheet before leaving the game site.

    Parents providing transportation for someone else's child must follow the same procedure and any player traveling with a parent other than her own, must have a note from her parents granting the person providing transportation permission to transport her.

    We cannot make exceptions to this procedure.  Please help us with this requirement.  Thank you.

    * New policy concerning absence from practice: If you need to miss practice, you must email the coaches by 1 PM before practice.  Additionally, you must have a parent email the coaches confirming the reason that you needed to miss practice.  Failure to comply with these requirements could lead to dismissal from the team.  As members of the Lenape Field Hockey Team, all players are expected to want to play field hockey and to improve as a player.  To accomplish those goals requires practice.  Practice is a requirement.  Practice is required for individual success and team success.