Boomerang Award

  • Boomerang

    Boomerang Youth Recognition Award
    ”What goes around, comes around”

    A partnership between CB Cares, Outback Steakhouse in Jamison,
    and the Bucks County Herald

    The Boomerang Youth Recognition Award is a monthly program which recognizes and honors youth in our community for exemplifying and living by one of 9 chosen Developmental Assets (one asset for each month from Sept.-May). The 40 Developmental Assets ( are positive experiences, behaviors, and personal qualities that all youth need to possess, in order to be responsible, caring, and strong in the face of peer pressures and other life challenges.

    A ballot box is located at Lenape Middle School or you can click the link below to fill out an online form. Youth can be nominated for the award by any member of the community. In fact, students can nominate themselves or their friends. Each school submits one student who best represents the chosen quality. A rotating committee of community “judges” which includes representatives from CB CARES,Outback Steakhouse, law enforcement, community nonprofits, local and state government, and local businesses, chooses one student (elementary, middle and, high school) from amongst the nominations. These district-wide winners receive a letter and certificate of recognition, a gift certificate from Outback Steakhouse in Jamison, their picture appears in the Bucks County Herald, and their name is engraved on a plaque at Outback. An end-of-the-year June luncheon, which includes all Boomerang Award recipients, their parents, and community judges, additionally serves as a celebration of this recognition. It should be noted that ALL students who have been nominated for this award receive a gift from CB CARES as an acknowledgement of this honor. 

    Monthly Assets for School Year 2016-17:
    September: #2- POSITIVE FAMILY COMMUNICATIONYoung person and his/her parents communicate positively, and young person is willing to seek advice and counsel from parents.  

    October: #30 - RESPONSIBILITY - Young person accepts and takes personal responsibility for his/her behavior.  They take responsibility for their actions and decisions at home and/or in the community. 

    November: #26  CARING.  Young person cares about others. They place a high value on helping other people.  He/she thinks about ways of helping others and is motivated to initiate kind and thoughtful acts. All nominations must be submitted via Quia by Friday, November 18th, 3:00 PM. 

    December: #24 BONDING TO SCHOOL.  Young person cares about his/her school. The students is actively engaged in promoting a positive school community.  The link to the nomination form is 

    January: #9  SERVICE TO OTHERS.  Young person values service to others, in their family, school, or community.  He/she commits to meaningful and caring actions.

    February: #33 INTERPERSONAL COMPETENCE.  Young person has empathy, sensitivity, and friendship skills.  Young person cares about and is aware of other people's feelings. All nominations must be submitted by February 24th @ 3:00 PM. The link to the nomination form is  

    March: #17  CREATIVE ACTIVITIES.  Young person participates in creative activities which have a direct positive impact on him/her and others.  Their creative activity can take a variety of forms-music, drama, art or any other creative activity. The link to the nomination form is  All nominations must be submitted by Friday, March 24th @3:00 PM. 

    April: #25  READING FOR PLEASURE.  Young person reads for pleasure most days of the week, either alone, with family members or with friends

    May: #37  PERSONAL POWER.  Young person has a healthy sense of personal power.  He/she believes they can effect change and make a difference in their school and/or community.  They believe they have some control over things that happen in their world, that things just don't happen to them.