• Attendance –We had reports that students are emailing teachers and counselors if they are staying home and/or switching placements from Hybrid to Online. We realize that it may seem easier (and appreciate our students being advocates and communicating) but in terms of attendance, here are the protocols we need to follow:

     Hybrid Students - In Person Days

    1. If a student should be physically present in the building and staying home, we do need this communication to come from the parents or guardians. Please email our attendance office at lenapeattendance@cbsd.org.  At the school level, this is the same as if students were in a traditional sense because any time a student is supposed to be here physically, they need an “excuse note.”  There are many reasons for this, which primarily fall under liability and safety, but it is also important for our state attendance records and the planning for teachers.   If a student is not in school (but even attending online) the initial absence code will be “absent” until we have a communication from parents.  The attendance code will be changed to “VP = Virtual Present” once we have the communication from the parent/guardian.  We do ask for the communication in advance of the absence so we can enter this in advance so teachers are aware and it also ensures us that parents and guardians are aware that the student is at home and has permission.

    Online Students - Students all Virtual or Hybrid Students on Virtual Days

    1. If a student does not attend class, the student will be marked absent until we receive the communication from parents.
    2. Note – If a student logs in initially, but leaves the call or does not engage, the teachers will mark the student absent with a comment so parents can see this information and reach out to us as needed.