Attendance Guidelines

  • Absence from School:

    • Parent/guardian must notify Tamanend Attendance of students excuse for absence in one of the following ways:
      • In writing (please use the school provided note card attached) 

    Absence/Tardy Excuse Note

      • By email. Our Attendance email address is
      • By phone. Call (267) 893-2920.
      • By fax. Our fax number is 267-893-5818.

    Auto Caller:

    If a student is marked absent, the Tamanend Attendance Auto Caller will contact parents/guardians by phone for notification.

    Lateness to School:

    • Every student MUST sign in at the Main Office when she/he arrives to school.
    • A note must be provided by the parent/guardian stating the reason for the lateness.

    Absence/Tardy Excuse Note

    • If a student accumulates 6 unexcused lateness’s she/he will be assigned an afterschool detention.


    • If possible all appointments should be scheduled outside the school day.
    • If an appointment must be scheduled during the school day, parent/guardian must send a note in with the student stating the time of pick up and the reason for the early dismissal. The student should submit the note to the main office before homeroom. At the time of dismissal a parent/guardian must sign their student out in the main office.Appt/Tardy/Absent Note

    Vacations/Family Trips, Field Trips, & other Planned Absences:

    1. Two weeks before a planned absence, student should pick up a "Request for Approved Absence" form in the Main Office.

    2. Parent/guardian should fill out the form. Request for Approved Absence for Family Travel

    3. Student will also receive a form for teachers to initial to ensure that plans are made for student to keep current on class assignments while out of school. Student Vacation Form

    Missed Work:

    1. Students are responsible for making up all work missed as a result of excused absences. If students will be out for an extended amount of time (at least 3 full days), parent/guardian should call the student’s guidance counselor.

    2. A student is allowed the same number of days to make-up work as the number of days she/he missed for excused absences and lateness. Students are obligated to discuss and arrange plans for make-up work within that time. Failure to do so may result in failing grades on missed assignments.


    Excused Absence (E) is granted for the following reasons: illness, quarantine, death in the family, impassable roads, inclement weather, religious holidays, health care, exceptionally urgent reasons, and family trips.

    Unexcused Absence (U) may be declared for reasons such as employment, truancy, car trouble, parental neglect, oversleeping, missing the bus, shopping, babysitting, visiting relatives, hunting, fishing, working at home, vacation trips, unauthorized leaving from school, and remaining at home to do school work. In situations where absence is declared unexcused or unlawful, students may be assigned to make up time missed outside regular school hours.

    Consequences for Unexcused Absences:

    Attendance to school is crucial to academic success. As stated above, parents must provide notice of excused absences as allowable by the PA School Code. If a student does not provide an excusable notice within three days after their absence, the following consequences will be applied:

    1.   Detention

    2.   Saturday suspension

    3.   Parents will receive "notice" letters which state that continued unlawful absences my result in referral to the magistrate.

    4.  District Justice will notify parent of truancy hearing date and if found guilty, be subject to fines and penalties prescribed by the School Code of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania