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    Starting next Friday, April 17th I will be posting fun 'SEL' lessons for you to view and complete. 'SEL' stands for 'Social Emotional Learning'', which means that we will be focusing on skills to help you feel your best, get along with others and hopefully help you to deal with life's crazy challenges.

    Think of this as your new 6th special! Parents, don't worry- I will keep this simple for all of you and hopefuly give you something interesting to discuss with your kids. These lessons will be posted every Friday on this site and include a short clip from me discussing this weeks topic and/or reading a book as well as a fun, simple activity to help demonstrate the skill. Just remember to scroll all the way down. 


    I'm available for individual check-ins with students during the week thorugh Microsoft Teams. I'm flexible with my 'office hours' so you can generally reach me anytime and we can set up the best time that works for both of our families.

    Week of 6/8/2020


    Click here for a musical message from your CB School Counselors


    Week of 6/1/2020 


    Click here for a slide show about diversity


    Week of 5/25/2020 



    Click here to view a slide show about 'Thinking Positively'. 


    Week of 5/18/2020 


    This week we will discuss gratitude, being thankful and showing kindness....all things that make the world a better place. Thank you for sharing in this lesson with me- I'm forever grateful for all of you! 

    grow grateful

    To watch Mrs. Thompson read the book Grow Grateful by John Lasser click here.

    For  the K-3 lesson on gratitude please click here.

    For the 4-6 lesson on gratitude please click here.



    Week of 5/11/2020 


    This week our topic is compromising. We've all been spending LOTS of time together these past 9 weeks and sometimes it can be a challenge. Compromising is an important skill that helps all of our relationships.  For this weeks lesson we will put your compromising skills to the ultimate test. For the lesson and activity click here and enjoy! 




    Week of 5/4/2020 

    Get ready to conquer the wellness challenge!

    Click on this link to see Mrs. Thompson describe the activity: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=49kaTEQsFDY&list=UUIV4T52Upfk7jNKiCQAgYMg&index=1

    Email me at sthompson@cbsd.org if you would like to share your accomplishment!

     wellness challenge

    Here are some ideas to get you started:

    Click here for mindful breathing exercises.

    Click here for a dog coloring page. Click here for a donut coloring page.

    Click here for conversation starters to share ideas.

    Click here for a compliment worksheet.

    Click here for a ‘quarantine friendly’ kindness challenge.



    Week of 4/27/2020

    self care

    This week we will discuss the ever important concept of 'self care'. 

    I have created a powerpoint with a read aloud that I hope you enjoy.

    **Remember to click on the gray microphone microphone in the bottom right hand corner to hear my guided reading. 

    Click here to open slideshow   

    (It takes a minute or so to load so thanks for being patient.)



    Week of 4/20/2020


    This week the 'SEL' topic will be focused on 'relaxation strategies'. We are all experiencing lots of change right now. Our routines and daily life look different. Sometimes change can feel uncomfortable and lead to stress. Feeling stressed out, nervous/worried, confused or frustrated is OK.  These are all normal feelings that many of us may be experiencing right now.  

    This week's lesson will give you some relaxation strategies and techniques to help you through these types of uncomfortable feelings. I have created a power point slideshow that will offer some strategies that promote feeling calm, relaxed and grounded.

    **Remember to click on the gray microphone microphone in the bottom right hand corner to hear my guided reading. 

    Click here for the slideshow for 'Relaxation Strategies'





    Week of 4/13/2020


    This week the 'SEL' topic is 'being brave'. In this unique time we have all had to face different challenges that are new to us. We've encountered so many changes that we weren't expecting or comfortable with. Yet through all of this; each and every one of us have shown so many examples of how we have risen to the challenge; thereby showing an incredible amount of courage and bravery. Bravery comes in many different forms; sometimes the trick is just to recognize and celebrate how you have demonstrated being brave in your own way.

    For this week's lesson I have included my own 'read aloud' version of the book 'Tomorrow I'll Be Brave' by Jessica Hische, some follow up reflection questions and a fun activity to pair with this lesson (if you have some free time and enjoy outdoor driveway games with your family. I hope you enjoy! :) 

    Click here to view my read aloud of 'Tomorrow I'll be Brave' by Jessica Hische.

    Click here to open up the follow up reflection and activity/game