Welcome to the ZONES OF REGULATION page! The Zones of Regulation is a framework of a cognitive/emotional curriculum geared toward helping students gain skills in consciously regulating their actions and feelings; which in turn leads to increased emotional control and problem solving abilities. I frequently refer to these 'Zones' during my lunch bunches,  meetings with students or during classroom guidance lessons. I thought these may help some of you at home as well by using the same language and concepts (also it is a pretty fun and colorful way to teach kids about handling all sorts of emotions)! Below I have attached all sorts of fun worksheets and tools that you can use at home. Please email me if you have any questions or just feedback if you try anything and how it works!


    Below is a simple chart of the 'basics' of Zones that breaks down the catagories and emotions associated with each one. Click here for the worksheet if you wish to print at home:

    Zones Basics chart

    Zones of Regulation Basics

    Below are some strategy cards that offer coping tools to help return to the 'green zone'.  Remember, everyone may need something different since we all experience feelings in a unique way. What works for one may not work for another so it is important to try as many as you can!  Click here for the worksheet if you wish to print at home: Zones Strategy Cards

    Strategy cards

    Another concept that is often woven through the 'Zones' concept is to determine how big of a deal a problem really is. Some problems are small and some are big. This helps us to get a better perspective of the problem and helps to determine what the apporopriate reaction should look like. Sometimes problems can seem a lot worse then they are. Below is a great visual to help kids determine the size of a problem. Click here for the worksheet if you wish to print at home: Size of the problem

    Size of the problem



    Below I attached some more fun and creative worksheet visuals that I thought you could use at home that work right along with these concepts. 

    Click here to open up the superhero zone's chart: Superhero Zones

    Superhero Zones!


    Click here to open up the 'read my emotions' coloring page: Emotions Coloring Page Feelings coloring page

    Click here to open up the 'problem solving wheel':Problem Solving Wheel 


    Problem solving