• Dear Parents,

    Welcome to Cold Spring Elementary School. Our goal at Cold Spring is to provide a caring, nurturing environment where your child can receive the best education possible. To that end, we want to partner with you to make your child’s experience at Cold Spring full of great memories.


    At Cold Spring we value many things, the first of which is the relationship we build with your family. The foundation of a good school is strong, positive relationships between home and school. We will strive to do everything possible to develop these types of relationships with you and your children.


    We also believe that a successful school is built upon positive, on-going communication between home and school. With all of the different methods of communication at our disposal, we believe that we should be able to communicate very clearly and effectively with you. The more we communicate, the better our school will be.


    We hope that your family’s time at Cold Spring is filled with lasting memories.




    Brian A. Finger