• Kindness

    During times of stress and recommended social-distancing, it is particulary important that we share & spread Kindness however we can!

    Each week, I will add a new Kindness challenge on our morning announcements... but if you're looking for more ideas - consider the following:

    • Write a thank you note to one of the following people: 

      Doctors, nurses, technicians at local hospitals and clinics, Bucks County Health Department, CDC workers

      Police Officers, EMTs and Firefighters

      Delivery people - UPS, FEDEX, Mail carrier

      School custodians, technology assistants, teachers, administrative assistants

    • Write letters to elderly in nursing homes - a lot of folks won't be able to see their usual visitors
    • Sort clothes, toys & books to donate to charity


    Below are some websites that promote Kindness and positivity.

    Kindness Initiatives for students and families

    Sample Kindness videos from around the world

    Random Acts of Kindness Ideas