The weather is all around us all the time. Weather is an important part of our lives and we cannot control it. Instead, the weather often controls how and where we live, what we do, what we wear, and what we eat.   After our weather unit, student will:

    •explain how a weather system forms
    •measure weather components using a variety of instruments
    •show an understanding of the water cycle
    •become aware of water usage
    •understand how plants and people fit into the water cycle
    •create a weather forecast based on cloud types and data collected

    Weather Webquest
    Mr. Kelly and BEAR TV are looking for meteorologist to explain and forecast weather on the BEAR TV morning announcements. You and your partner will present investiagate and research the impact of weather by exploring and studying the below Weather Webquest.  Using a powerpoint template, you will gather information on the effects of weather.  On your last slide, you must clearly conclude your thoughts to the topic question, how does weather impact us? Click Here to begin your Weather Webquest!!!