The Butler Parent Teacher Organization (PTO) welcomes you!

We are thrilled to provide information to our members through this site. The site is designed to provide information related to the PTO, its events and sponsored activities. Many of the PTO forms have been included for your use in conducting PTO business, requesting reimbursements or payments, and providing valuable feedback to the organization on events and activities. We invite your ideas and suggestions as we plan the year’s activities and grow the membership for years to come.

All parents or guardians of children enrolled in Simon Butler Elementary School as well as administrators and faculty members of this school are members of the PTO. Membership is for those individuals who are interested in the objectives of this organization and are willing to uphold its policies and subscribe to its bylaws.

The general objectives of the organization are:

1. Promote the cultural, social, emotional, physical development of the students;

2. Enhance and assist in the funding of educational opportunities for the students;

3. Work toward a closer relationship between the home, school and community, so that parents, guardians, teachers, administrators, and local businesses can work cooperatively in support of the education of the students;

4. Develop a channel of communication between home and school by providing consistent information; and

5. Encourage maximum participation of the school, parent and community populations in decision-making and fund expenditures.