• Standards:

    6.1.5.D: Demonstrate how availability of resources affects choices.

    6.2.5.C: Explain how advertising causes people to change their behavior in predictable ways.

    8.3.5.C: Differentiate how continuity and change in U.S. history are formed and operate.

    • Belief systems and religions
    • Commerce and industry
    • Technology
    • Politics and government
    • Physical and human geography
    • Social organizations

    Students will…

    • identify US territories acquired in the nation's westward expansion.
    • explain why and how the United States acquired key territories and depict how this affected the people already living in each region. 
    • analyze reasons for and results of Lewis and Clarke's exploration.
    • identify how settlement and exploration were affected by the geography of the land.
    • analyze reasons for and results for expansion.
    • analyze tensions between Native Americans and settlers.
    • identify how land was acquired and effect on Native Americans.

    Western Expansion Webquest
    How did the expansion of the United States into the West in the 1800s affect people inside and outside our country? You will play the role of either a settler or Native American. From you point of view, you will explain how the United States acquired key lands and examine the effects of the acquisitions on people living in the regions. Click here to begin your Western Expansion Webquest.