• 2024 - 2025 - 7th to 8th Grade Program Planning

    Please refer to the Program of Studies Guide for clarification of course requirements.
    Welcome to the 7th Grade Program Planning Page.  Here we have resources, timelines, and other critical information that will assist you as you navigate through choices when selecting courses for your 8th Grade year. 
    If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact Mr Striano at gstriano@cbsd.org




    Timeline for Program Planning 2024-2025

    7th Grade: Click here to view the Middle School Program of Studies.  Please refer to the Program of Studies for information about course descriptions and course requirements.

    January 31st – Program Planning Assembly – Teacher Recommendations, Academic vs. Advanced courses, World Language/Reading Options and Music options for 8th grade will be reviewed.  Students must let their School Counselor know if they will be changing their Music path for 8th grade.

    February 1 – Eligible students select their World Language choice during English class.

    February 9 – Verification sheets available in the Parent Portal for review and approval. Requests for changes should be made via the Verification Change Microsoft Form Submission by 2/17/23.

    February 15 - Last day for Verification sheet approval in the Parent Portal. (Backpack tab>MS Course Verifications)

    LAST day to make course requests changes on Verification Change Form*.