Dear Parents of Kindergarten and First Grade Students:
The current expectation of the Central Bucks School District
transportation department is that a parent, guardian or responsible older
sibling will meet kindergarten and first grade students for drop-off at the
bus stop, or will be within sight distance. When no responsible party is
available, bus drivers will contact the school and transportation office
and return the child to school or to the transportation office where the
parents can be contacted.
For the safety of our students, the school board recently approved this
procedure as a formal policy. Since this has been the procedure for
some time, families should not experience any change in their drop-off
procedure. Because bus drivers have been educated as to the
formalization of the policy, some families may experience some initial
questions from their driver.
The intent of these procedures is to enhance the safety of our youngest students. Obviously there are a
lot of dynamics involved in child care and supervision. Neighbors may provide child care coverage for
each other as adult schedules sometimes conflict with bus stop schedules. Grandparents may be visiting
and providing child care. There are many scenarios that can exist for child care, and it is sometimes
difficult for bus drivers to determine who is an authorized caregiver for children when the standard bus
stop “routine” has changed.
The best practice is to communicate with your bus driver if
a change in the bus stop child care routine takes place. For
example, please explain to the driver if it is OK to release
your child to a neighbor if the parent or older sibling is not
available. Working and communicating with your child’s
bus driver will help everyone add extra security for our
youngest students.
Questions about the policy may be directed to 267-893-4000 or through the website at
*A.M. Kindergarten students only have drop-off twice a year, on the reversed early dismissal days.