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    Team Infinity Homepage.  Links to Team Infinity individual teacher sites can be found on the left.  Homework will be posted on each teacher's individual site.

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    • Reminder: Homework is posted on individual teacher sites; it is not posted on Parent Portal.  If you are looking for your child's upcoming homework assignments, visit each teacher's individual site.
    • Reminder: if your child is absent, please call the school or email the attendance office or homeroom teacher.  If your child is going to be out for vacation, vacation forms can be picked up a the main office.
    • Have you and your child checked grades on Parent Portal yet?  We recommend checking once a week; if you have questions about a grade you see, have your son or daughter explain the grade to you.  If your child can't explain the grade, encourage them to advocate for themselves and speak to their teacher about it.
    • Reminder: please check teacher homework postings for absences of 2 days or less; email teachers for absences 3 days or longer.