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      Team Links

       Art (Click Here)

      Danielle Hallman-Dicicco

      Debrorah Thomas


      Family and Consumer Science (Click Here)

      Mary Jean Bartchak

      Yvonne Flath


      Innovation and Creativity (Click Here)

      Haley Donohoe (2nd semester)

      Joey Nalty

      Angela Parisi


      Integrated Technology (Click Here)

      Anthony Arno

      Matthew Powell

      Gary Sentman

      Edward Young


      Music (Click Here)

      Paul Dengler

      Sarah Heine

      Patrick Nugent


      Physical Education (Click Here)

      John DePedro

      Christina Godsell

      Gabrielle Nolan


      Technology (Click Here)

      Anthony Arno

      Bruce Good


      TEAM INFINITY (7A) (Click Here)



      TEAM SUMMIT (7B) (Click Here)



      TEAM ODYSSEY (8A) (Click Here)



      TEAM EXPEDITION (8B) (Click Here)



      FRESHMAN TEAM (Click Here)



      ELD Program (Click Here 



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