• Tohickon FAQ’s



    1.       What are the regular arrival/dismissal procedures?


    After the buses drop off the students, they will report to a ‘holding area’ until they are allowed to report to classes, at 7:20.


    7th Grade - Auditorium   8th Grade - Gymnasium   9th Grade - Cafeteria


    7th grade is dismissed first, up to the 3rd floor. When students are dismissed, at 2:30, they are to exit the building in the same direction that they entered. The buses line up between the Art wing and the baseball field hill. Please know your bus numbers, as the buses to and from school may have different numbers. There are staff members monitoring the area that can help you. Buses leave at promptly at 2:37. Students are only permitted to ride on the bus that they are assigned. No Exceptions.


    2.       What do I need to know about my locker?


    Students are able to visit their lockers before school, before lunch, before Resource and at the end of the day. If a student needs to visit their locker at another time, they must get permission from a teacher.


    If a student has trouble with their locker, they can ask any teacher. Teachers should have keys for all of the lockers. If issues continue, contact the office and a new lock will be installed on the locker, or locker may be able to be changed to another one within the homeroom teacher’s area.


    Sports/Music gear can be stored in a storage area until it is needed. There is a storage room on each floor, for that particular grade level.


    3.       Where do I need to be and when do I need to be there?


    Bell Schedule
    7th Grade   8th Grade   9th Grade
    Period Time Length   Period Time Length   Period Time Length
    1 7:30 - 8:20 50 mins   1 7:30 - 8:20 50 mins   1 7:30 - 8:20 50 mins
    2 8:23 - 9:13 50 mins   2 8:23 - 9:13 50 mins   2 8:23 - 9:13 50 mins
    Advisory 9:16 - 9:35 19 mins   Advisory 9:16 - 9:35 19 mins   Advisory 9:16 - 9:35 19 mins
    3 9:38 - 10:28 50 mins   3 9:38 - 10:28 50 mins   3 9:38 - 10:28 50 mins
    4 10:31 - 11:21 50 mins   4 10:31 - 11:21 50 mins   Lunch 10:28 - 10:58 30 mins
    Lunch 11:21 - 11:51 30 mins   5 11:24 - 12:14 50 mins   4 11:01 - 11:51 50 mins
    5 11:54 - 12:44 50 mins   Lunch 12:14 - 12:44 30 mins   5 11:54 - 12:44 50 mins
    6 12:47 - 1:37 50 mins   6 12:47 - 1:37 50 mins   6 12:47 - 1:37 50 mins
    7 1:40 - 2:30 50 mins   7 1:40 - 2:30 50 mins   7 1:40 - 2:30 50 mins



    4.       What do I need to know about lunch?


    During the first week of each marking period, 7th and 8th grade students will have the opportunity to rearrange their seats, if approved by the Cafeteria Aides. Then, names will be on a list for each table and the students will be required to eat at that table for the remainder of the marking period. All students sitting at that table are responsible for maintaining the cleanliness of the table area. 9th grade students may sit at any seat, based on approval of the Cafeteria Aides.


    Student lunch accounts are maintained as they were in elementary school. If a student forgets their lunch, a parent may drop off a lunch on a table in the front office, before their lunch time, and it will be delivered to the student in the cafeteria. This is also how parents would get other belongings to their children (i.e. sports gear, homework, etc).


    5.       How does Tohickon communicate with home?


    The majority of school communication takes place electronically. Teams post important information to the school newsletter and teacher websites. Grades, assignments and attendance are available on the Parent Portal. Students should also check their progress regularly. Feel free to contact the teachers about any questions or concerns.


    Parent Advisory Council (PAC) meetings are held on the 3rd Thursday of every month, from 9:00 to 10:30 am. See the Link on the left for specific dates and agendas.


    6.       How do we address attendance?

    Parents should call the school, at (267)893-3305, to report absences, lateness, or appointments.  A phone call or email is required. Doctor’s notes can be sent in to the main office. After 7:30 am, a student is considered tardy. Missed bus, overslept and car trouble are examples of unacceptable excuses. After three tardies, each occurrence will result in a disciplinary consequence.


    Students missing a full-day, or more, for travel or other prearranged absences need to request Vacation Forms from the Front Office in order to excuse the absences.


    Students must be in school before 10:30 in order to get credit for the day. If a student needs to leave before 2:30, they should bring a note to the Front Office, in the morning, and the student will receive a pass allowing him/her to leave class at the appropriate time. Parents should pick them up in the office.


    7.       How do I reach my child?

    Please contact the front office, at (267)893-3300, and we can get any message to your child. If your child calls of texts you, please instruct them to go to the Nurse or Guidance Office, depending on their concern.