S.A.P. Student Assistance Program

  • S.A.P. is an intervention team staffed by teachers, counselors, the school nurse, building administrators, and appropriate agencies from the community. S.A.P. members are trained to identify and refer “high risk” students for appropriate assessment. HIGH RISK CONCERNS may include substance abuse, physical and sexual abuse, eating disorder, depression, school phobia, suicide prevention, and truancy.

    Referrals for high-risk students come from students, parents, teachers, counselors, administrators, and/or community members. If there is a concern for the physical and emotional well being of a student, contact a START team member. Members of the S.A.P. team are Mandy Cammann (counselor), Angela Corsino, John Heisey, Jeff Klein (counselor), Raquel Riad (social worker), Lauren Myrtetus (nurse), Nicole Barlow, Brenda Scheffey, and Shirley Szagola. Referral forms are available in the guidance office.

    Team interventions occur for the benefit of the students, their families, and the school by relaying factual information to the students and their families. The goal of the intervention is to encourage students to seek further assistance in addressing the problems that face them.


    If you would like to refer a student, please contact Mrs. Cammann or complete the S.A.P. Referral Form.Referrals may be made anonymously.