• Student Dress Expectations at Unami


    What are some essential considerations relating to student dress ?


    Unami recognizes the individuality that students exercise in their clothing choices.

    Students are asked to show consideration of others; to display respect and responsibility; to dress in attire that is modest and tasteful; to help maintain the most productive atmosphere possible.


    What are some examples of clothing that is not appropriate for school ?


    Hats of any type (prohibited during the school day and must be kept in lockers.)

    Clothing with messages or pictures that show drug or alcohol symbols/products, cigarette ads, sexual innuendo, violence or hate.

    Clothing which reveals undergarments.

    Tops which expose the bare mid-riffs.

    Muscle shirts, tube tops, backless shirts.

    Shorts which are cut excessively high.

    Unsafe adornment (ex: spiked bracelets and spiked necklaces).

    Skirts/dresses that do not reach mid-thigh.


    Where does the responsibility lie in upholding dress standards ?


    It is the mutual responsibility (school and home working together) to teach and monitor the values of dressing for success. The primary impetus, of course, comes from the home.


    Where are the standards of student dress applicable ?


    Acceptable standards of dress, grooming and modesty are adhered to on school grounds, on school busses, at school dances and other school sponsored activities.


    What will occur if a student is not dressed appropriately ?


    The student will be directed to comply by using gym apparel, items in the student’s locker, or a clean gym uniform borrowed from school. The parent will be notified of the situation and, if the a school gym uniform was provided, the student will be expected to return it (washed) to the main office the following day.  Students who repeatedly violate our dress code standards will be issued after school detention.


    We hope the information about school dress guidelines is helpful in discussion with your child. Your understanding, assistance and support are appreciated.