Unami's Parent Survival Guide

  • Office hours are 7:15 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.


    Parents should call school regarding absences, lateness, doctor's appointments, etc. Call 267-893-3420 and leave a message or email unamiattendance@cbsd.org the night before or early in the morning. Any time a student arrives to school late, they must bring a parent note in with them explaining why they are late. Any late arrival without a note will become unexcused and may result in detention.


    After 7:30 a.m., a student is tardy. Unlawful tardiness (missed bus, overslept, etc.) is an unacceptable excuse. After the third unlawful tardiness, the student receives a one-hour administrative detention. Each unlawful tardiness thereafter will also result in an administrative detention.


    Students missing a full day of school or more for travel or another prearranged reason need to pick up vacation forms from Unami's office at least a week prior to the first day they will miss.

    Whenever a student needs to leave school before 2:30, they must bring a note from a parent to the main office upon arriving at school. They will receive a pass to leave class, which must be turned into the office when they sign out before being dismissed for their appointment. A parent does not need to come into school if the student has a note. However, if there is not a note, the parent MUST come into school with a note before the student is allowed to leave the building.


    Homework may be requested after the student has missed 3 consecutive instructional days (snow days and weekends do NOT count). If the request is phoned in by 8:30 a.m., it will be available for a parent to pick-up in the main office at 3:00 p.m. the day it is requested.  Most teachers now post the day's work on their teacher websites which can be accessed from the Unami website.  Students should also have a study-buddy in each class to call to find out what assignments are missed.  

    In accordance with the safety policy enacted by Central Bucks Transportation, bus passes will no longer be approved. Only in an extreme emergency (parent travel is NOT considered an emergency) will requests for alternate transportation be granted.

    Students who normally ride a bus are required to bring a parent note to the office if they wish to walk anywhere after school. Notes should be dropped off in the morning.


    Students are permitted to use cell phones during non-instructional time (passing periods and lunch time).  Please refer to Unami's electronic device policy for additional details, which include disciplinary consequences for violation of Unami's electronic device policies.

    If you receive a text or call from your child that they are sick, please direct them to go to the nurse. It is up to the nurse to determine if a student is ill enough to go home from school.  Students should not be calling or texting directly home.


    Lost and found items are held in the nurse's office or on a rack in main hall. If items are identifiable, they will be returned to students. If not, students and parents are urged to check lost and found. After several weeks, items are donated to charitable organizations.


    Drop-off items (lunches, homework, sports gear, etc.) are held in the main office and the student's name is listed on a closed circuit TV that runs throughout the building. We do not call students out of class to claim them. They may check the office between classes, before and after lunch. To avoid class disruptions, students will not be called down individually for forgotten items.


    Students involved in sports will receive pertinent information from coaches. Announcements are made regarding changes in schedules for games, practices, etc. as provided by the appropriate coach.


    PIAA Sports Physical forms are available in the main office and online. They are necessary for any student who wishes to participate in a sport.