• National Junior Honor Society - Unami Chapter
  • At Unami we give recognition to our students for academic excellence along with   school and community service through the National Junior Honor Society.

    Our service projects this year will include a food drive at Thanksgiving and possible participation as a group in Relay for Life. Students also help around Unami with activities such as Back to School Night, Peer Tutoring, and the upkeep of Unami’s flower beds. Additional activities and service projects may be organized according to the wishes of our officers and members. Last year, students made holiday cards for a local nursing home, ran an awareness campaign for Black History Month, helped with 6th grade orientation, and planted trees as part of an Arbor Day project at Central Park in Doylestown. 


    The selection process for NJHS begins after 2nd marking period grades are calculated.  The selection committee receives a list of all 8th and 9th grade students who meet the first requirement of having a cumulative grade point average of 3.50 or higher. The cumulative GPA can be found on a student's portal at the top of the transcript page and is comprised of all of the years he or she has been at Unami (students must be at Unami for at least two parking periods to be considered.  This is not a single marking period GPA but rather a rolling cumulative GPA.  Those students will receive an activities form to fill out to help the selection committee.  The committee is looking for students who actively participate in both school organizations (band, sports, newspaper, etc.) and community organizations/groups (scouts, religious groups, sports, etc.). In addition, students need to be involved in community service activities such as those done with churches or synagogues, scouts service projects, or nursing home / hospital volunteer services. The focus of community service is to help/serve those in the community. In addition, students must hold leadership positions in these school or community activities or have demonstrated leadership through specific responsibility to direct or motivate others. Students who meet these criteria will be considered for induction into the National Junior Honor Society in the spring.  Attached is part of the activities form for students to review as they begin to think about the possibility of being selected for the National Junior Honor Society.

    We hope that this information will help students and parents be aware of the criteria for membership and encourage students to do their best work every day. As students continue in high school, they will have the opportunity to work toward membership in the National Honor Society, which is a highly regarded honor to list on college or work applications. There are a number of scholarships available for members of the National Honor Society at the high school level.

    If you have any questions, please contact Mrs. Kee or Ms. Timko.



  • Volunteer Opportunities


    Mill Creek Spring Fair, March 17th.  Please use the link below to sign up!

    Mill Creek Spring Fair