• Sport Season Start Contact Person
    Boys Lacrosse           Spring  Mid-March  Mr. Brian Henson
    Girls Lacrosse  Spring  Mid-March Mr. Mike Daley
    Baseball Spring                   Mid-March

    Al Tielemans (7th Grade)

    Mr. Jim Jones


    Softball Spring Mid-March      
    Track & Field Spring Mid-March

    Mrs. Jan Yerkes-Roop

    Ms. Shelli Petsch

    Mr. Pat Rogers

    Spring Soccer       Spring Mid-March

    Ms. Danielle Wansor (Varsity soccer)

    Mr. George Litzke (7th Soccer)




  • To participate in a Spring Sport, students who have previous played a sport during the current school year must submit a Re-Certification form in addition to other required paperwork.  Students who have not previously played a sport during the current school year must submit a Sports Physical (CIPPE) dated after June 1.