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    Warwick Elementary was built in 1919 and was known then as Warwick Township Elementary School. The ground was purchased from William Taylor after other schoolhouses became too crowded to house the students. Pupils in grades one through eight were picked up in a Model T and brought to their two-room schoolhouse, which had two teachers. In 1927, two rooms were added to the back to allow for a growing number of students. It remained a four-room consolidated school consisting of grades one through eight until the 1950’s. Mrs. Worthington was one of the first teachers to teach at Warwick Township Elementary. She taught there from 1926 to 1929. Later she would also be the custodian and principal!

    In the early 1950’s, the Central Bucks Joint System was formed. At that time, grades seven and eight began to attend the Central Bucks Junior & Senior High School in Doylestown. Due to an increased population in 1955, four new classrooms were added with two rooms in the basement.A part time supervisor (principal) was hired in 1957.
    As of 1961, another addition was built that included four new classrooms, offices for the principal and secretary, a library, and a gymnasium which also served as the cafeteria. It was then a 14-classroom school with 195 students: one kindergarten class, and two classes for each of the grades one through six. Because of poor conditions in the basement, as well as over-crowding, a portable for first graders was added in 1970. This gave the school a capacity of 360 students.

    In 1984, Warwick Township Elementary School was closed due to a decrease in the township population. After some major refurbishment and additions, the school reopened in 1991.

    Warwick Elementary now consists of more than 500 students in grades kindergarten through six with over 40 teachers and more than 85 total staff members. The building has about 35 classrooms, a cafeteria, gymnasium, library, a computer lab, and various offices.

    Thanks goes to the following contributors of our History page:
    *Henderson Flack who attended the school when it was first built, and later became the bus driver, then custodian.
    *Ralph Messerschmidt; principal of Warwick Elementary from 1965 - 1978
    *An article written by Wayne Charles, a former Warwick student.