• Paul W. Kutz Elementary School
    The school was named in honor of Paul W. Kutz who was appointed the Supervisory Principal of Edison, Buckingham and Plumstead schools in 1952.  The Edison building was re-named the Paul W. Kutz Elementary School in 1966.
    Paul W. Kutz Elementary, 1944
     The old Doylestown Township Consolidated School was known as the Edison School.  It was a two-room, two-outhouse school that was used until the new school was built in 1936.  The original building at 611 and Quarry Road is now a used furniture store.
    The current building opened on October 26, 1936.  It was 7,212 square feet with 6 classrooms and two bathrooms.  Today Kutz Elementary is 71,143 square feet with 33 classrooms.
    Kutz Elementary Principals:
    Robert Shafer (1936-1942)
    Paul Kutz (1942-1966)
    Mark Means (1966-1975)
    William Binder (1975-1976)
    Robert Winters (1976-1982)
    Robert Barth (1982-1987)
    Violette Auteri (Jan - June 1983)
    Corinne Cody (1987-1990)
    George Kallenbach (1990-1993)
    Jeanann Kahley (1993-2015)
    Kate Fantaskey (March - June 2015)
    Nadine Garvin (2015-2018)
    Christina Adelberger (2018 - present)