• If your financial situation has changed and you need assistance please apply for the lunch program on-line.  Parents - if you qualify, please email me so I can make sure you are aware of what you can do to help get lunches for your adolescents during this time.  I also know of other community Resources that you may qualify for.  Please know I keep names of our students on the lunch program Confidential.  Any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me (dradice@cbsd.org). CBSD On-line Lunch Program Application 


    You've got this!

    STAYING POSITIVE - When I saw the picture above it made me take a deep breath and with that I started to feel a bit better after a long day.  I then remembered taking deep breaths and exhaling slowly can help you to slow down, focus, calm down, or just be ready to tackle the next thing.  So I did exactly that - I took a few more slow deep breaths, exhaled slowly, and felt my negative thoughts flittering away.  My challenge to you is to find a picture or even a memory in your mind that you enjoy, then take a deep breath, exhale slowly, repeat a few more times.  The more you practice this the better you will get.    Just remember - YOU'VE GOT THIS!   

    ANOTHER TECHNIQUE TO HELP YOU TO "Get Grounded", "Get In the Game" (as Mr. Shillingford likes to say), or "Get Refocused" is to do these 5 steps (which only take 2-3 minutes):

    • List 5 things that you see right now
    • List 4 things that you can hear
    • List 3 things that you can feel
    • List 2 things that you can smell
    • List 1 thing that you are grateful for OR you can taste 

    Write, say, or think these things outloud or to yourself and any negative thoughts should go away.  Take ca deep breath in and then let it out (breathe.....)  You should now be ready to tackle the next task.

    FOR OUR MUSIC LOVERS - singing songs is a great way to reduce stress.  It's great for your mental and lung health too!  Thinks about some favorite songs that make you feel good.  Sing them alone, to your pet, with your family, or friends during a chat.  You can even add some dance moves and get some physical exercise in as well.  (I promise Mr. Glaser, Mr. Chodoroff, and Mrs. Repper did NOT make me say this.  Let's see if they notice I've included music as a positive strategy to get through all of this.)

    Mrs. Radice is a true believer that PHYSICAL and MENTAL (emotional) health are important for our well-being.  We need to take care of ourselves, especially with all of this Social Distancing.  In the future we will all look back on this time and reflect what worked and what did not work.  The POSITIVE SELF-CARE strategies that you find work fo you today may be ones that you will utilize for many years to come. 


    COVID-19 and YOUR HEALTH - as we are in this for a longer time - there are a number of medical conditions and other health risks that may affect you and the people around you.  

    VAPING & COVID-19 - Although vaping was originally believed would help people to quit smoking cigarettes, the reality is that the research was not 100% complete before it became a fad.  The truth is the health affects on lungs and your health are still being learned.  IF YOU VAPE, or hang around someone who vapes - please check out this article from the HuffPost.  The Scary Relationship Between Vaping and Coronavirs

    ASTHMA, ALLERGIES & COVID - The Allergy & Asthma Network has a lot of information.  Allergy & Asthma Network: What You Need to Know...

    DIABETES & COVID - The American Diabetes Foudations is a always a good resoruce.  Diabetes and Coronavirus

    EPILEPSY & COVID  - The Epilepsy Foundation is always a great resource.  This link takes you to their site: Epilepsy and Coronavirus Article

    OUR FEELINGS - So many of us our having different emotions.  Honestly - I have my ups and down moods, just like you, your friends, parents, sibblings, etc.  This artcile may help put those feelings into perspective.  The Discomfort You Are Feeling May Be Grief

    MENTAL HEALTH & QUARATINE - I'm a strong believer in the importance of our mental health being just as important as our physical health.  This Social Distancing is not easy and will have some long-term consequences for our mental health.  Here's a resource with some suggestions for our mental well-being during these times of quaratine: Mental Health and Quarantine 


    Managing Anxiety  



    Week 4: 


    Please check out this visual Inhale & Exhale Image

    We need to stay 6 feet from each other when outdoors.  Playing basketball, hanging out with your friends in close proximity, etc is NOT what we should be doing.  No sleep overs, walking in town, hanging out in the park, etc.  Do virtual gatherings, talk on the phone, etc.

    IF WE WANT TO GET BACK TO OUR NORMAL LIVES - we need to do our part to help stop the spread of this Corona virus.

    The "Respiratory Signature" above is what happens for all of us - whether we are walking, jogging, shopping, or just talking.  By keeping 6 feet apart, if someone has been exposed to this virus but not yet aware they are going to have symptoms in the next 1-14 days, this should help decrease the risk of contracting.   By wearing masks - even homeade cloth ones, this is meant to help slow the spread and why this is now the recommendation for all of us when outside.  If someone is coughing, sneezing, or looks sick - get a distance from them and encourage them to do what is right for themselves and others (in a polite, caring way please).

    HAND WASHING - good old soap and water for 20 seconds or longer truly helps to break the corona virus's outer coating, thereby destroying it before it affects you or anyone around you.  Be sure to wash your hands frequently, especially after shopping, being outside, before eating, etc - you know the drill, I'm sure. 

    NOT TOUCHING YOUR FACE - The Corona Virus needs a way to get into your body.  In addition to the respiratory droplets that you might inhale - another way is through your eyes nose, and/or mouth.  If the virus finds a way to get into your body, it will take advantage.

    STAY HEALTHY - do what you can to stay healthy.  Between your nutrition, sleep, exercise, staying postive, and making healthy decisions (no smoking, vaping, etc.... I'm still the School Nurse) this should help you to not get sick.  Hopefully if you do catch this virus, it will not make you so sick that you end up in the hospital.    

    LASTLY - IF YOU OR SOMEONE YOU KNOW STARTS TO DEVELOP ANY SYMPTOMS (dry cough, fever, diarrhea, loss of taste are some being reported) - PLEASE SELF-ISOLATE IN YOUR HOME and CONTACT YOUR DOCTOR .  Self-isolate in your home as best possible and use a seperate bathroom as best able.  This should help to slow / stop the spread within your family.  You most likely will be asked to list everyone you have been in contact with during the last 2 days at a minimum.  Easiest way to have a small list is to stay home & be very careful when you are outside. 

    I wanted to end this week on a positive note.  A friend shared this and I thought "Perfect".  Focus on what YOU CAN CONTROL.

    Happy Passover to our students, families, and staff that celebrate Passover,  Happy Easter to our students, families, and staff that celebrate Easter.  If you don't celebrate either - please have a HAPPY WEEKEND.  Find something positive to focus on.  Stay healthy, staff safe, and stay sane - my new mantra. 

    With love and care - from Mrs. Radice

    "Hello everyone" and "WE MISS YOU" from Ms. Simons, Mrs. Hamilton, & Mrs. Musich too - additional members of Holicong's Health Office 2019-2020

    What we DO Have Control Of



    Week 3: I want to focus on some relevant topics that might be of interest as we all get through this together. (I welcome suggestions)

    Sleep to protect your immune system    Sleep doc from Thrive Global

    Self care during COVID-19 CDC article on the importance of taking care of ourselves 

    Guiding Your Child and/or Teen During Social Isolation Due to the COVID-19 Abington Jefferson Health Resource flyer

    How to improve yyour teen's sleep habits Sleep Foundation article

    And to bring this week to a close - I hope some of the suggestions below give you some ideas to help you. 

     50 Ways to Take a Break


    Week 2:  Relaxation with Apps - This week I want to focus on sharing various apps that are available to relax with.  Many (reportedly) are free a this time to help with the stress we are all living with.  Information is noted as was received by me on 3/20/20. 

    If you find one that you like, please let me know what you like about it.  If you find any other free apps that are helping you - please send me the information so I can add it to this list Mrs. Radice, Holicong's Certified School Nurse

    Aura:  Aura provides short, sweet, personalized mindfulness medications, life coaching, stories, and music whenever you need to make you happier.  Free (offers in-app purchasing)

    Buddhify:  Buddhify is here to help you bring more calm, clarity, and kindness to all parts of your life. Whether you're looking to reduce stress and anxiety, or get a better night's sleep Buddhify has easy-to-follow guided meditations to help you live happier and healthier - $4.99 (offers in-app purchases)

    Calm:  Experience lower stress, less anxiety, and more restful sleep with guided meditations. Sleep stories, breathing programs, master classes, and relaxing music.   Free (offers in-app purchases)

    Headspace: Get the most out of your day with the Headspace meditation app. We'll help you focus, breathe, stay calm, perform at your best, and get a better night's rest through the life-changing skills of relaxation, meditation, and mindfulness.  Free (offers in-app purchases)

    Insight Timer: Join millions to meditate on Insight Timer to help calm the mind, reduce anxiety, manage stress, sleep deeply and improve happiness. Guided meditations and talks led by the world's top mindfulness experts, neuroscientists, psychologists, and meditation teachers from Stanford, Harvard, Dartmouth, and the University of Oxford.  Free (offers in-app purchases)

    Simple Habit: Simple Habit is the best meditation app for busy people. Meditate for just 5 minutes a day to reduce stress, improve focus, sleep better, relax faster, breathe easier, and more.  Free (offers in-app purchase)

    Mindfulness Daily: A complete set of tools lovingly designed to support your commitment to practice mindfulness daily. We make it easy to fit meditation into your daily routine to get it's benefits such as reduced stress/anxiety, better sleep, manage pain, and increase productivity.  Free (offers in-app purchases)

    Stop, Breathe & Think:  Stop, Breathe & Think, the app for meditation and mindfulness, has a unique approach that allows you to check in with your emotions, and then recommends short, guided meditations, yoga and acupressure videos, tuned to how you feel.  Free (offers in app purchases)

    Meditation Studio: Reduce stress, ease anxiety, improve sleep, and boost confidence; it's all here.  Enjoy guided meditations on topics from happiness to performance, plus meditations custom made for moms, teens, kids, and more.  Free (offers in-app purchases)

    Breathe: This meditation app includes hundres of daily meditations, and a wide variety of other guided meditations to help you deal with specific issues such as weight loss, insomnia, anxiety, work performance, trouble sleeping, etc.  It even has mindfulness programs for kids.  Free (offers in-app purchases) 

    Shine: The Shine app is your support system for daily stress and anxiety. Learn a new self-care strategy every day, get support from a diverse community, and explore an audio library of over 500+ original meditations, bedtime stories, and ambient music to help shift your mindset and mood.  Free (offers in app purchases)

     COLORING APPS (another form of relaxation, you may find it surprising how well relaxating while coloring is)

    Colorfy: Paint mandalas, patterns, animals, florals, and thematic images from our artists - or upload your own drawings and give them even more life!  Free (offers in-app purchases)

    Pigment: You can choose to "tap and fill" or immerse yourself in Pigment's unique coloring experience that lets you color like you would on paper, with 24 different pencils, markers, and brushes. Get creative with the watercolor and pastel tools, use markers, colored pencils, and even oil paint!  Free (offers in-app purchases)

    Recolor: Recolor offers an opportunity to channel the anxiety into satisfying, creative accomplishments and is the perfect way to step back from the stress of everyday life.  Free (offers in-app purchases)


    C25K: C25K (Couch to 5K) works because it starts with a mix of running and walking, gradulayy building up strength and stamina to fully running 5K.  Free (offers in-app purchases)

    Down Dog: Yoga, HIIT, 7 Minute Workout, Barre: Each time you use the app, Down Dog will mix up the workout so you never have to repeat a flow. (The free version reportedly is great "and you're not missing much if you opt out of the pro-membership).  Free to download, $7.99 per month for pro-membership




    The District has put together a number of resources for our parents, students and community.  My favorite today is from SAMSHA (Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration) 

    Talking With Children: Tips for Caregivers, Parents, and Teachers During Infectious Disease Outbreaks



    COVID-19 vs Allergies vs Flu; What are the Differences?  - Spread & Symptoms (from Allergy & Asthma Network Webinar 3/17/20)

    Now that allergy season is upon us, I thought this would be timely to share.

    MOST IMPORTANTLY: If you have seasonal allergies and this is when you start to develope allergy symptoms - IT IS RECOMMENDED to START USING YOUR ALLERGY MEDICATION(s) NOW.


    COVID-19                                     ALLERGIES                                                                      FLU

    Spread person-to-person                Not spread                                                                      Spread person-to-person

    Fever (100.4 or higher)                  Itchy, runny nose, sneezing, coughing                               Fever / chills

    Cough                                           Itchy, watery eyes, redness                                              Cough, sore throat

    Shortness of breath                        Itchy, sensitive skin, rash or hives - swelling                      Runny or stuffy nose

                                                        Shortness of breath, cough, wheeze, chest tightness           Muscle or body aches





    COVID-19 vs Allergies vs Flu: What are the Differences? - Prevention


    COVID-19                                               ALLERGIES                                                                       FLU

    Avoid exposure whenever possible             Avoid your allergy triggers                                                Get the flu vaccine 

    Wash your hands                                     * If you are not sure what your triggers are -                      Avoid close contact with others who look sick

       Soap & water more effective -                   ask about allergy testing                                                Stay home when you are sick

         scrub for atleast 20 seconds                 Medicate for allergies before pollen season                         Cover your nose & mouth when coughing / sneezing

       Use hand-sanitizer with at least                 or potential exposure                                                     Wash your hands frequently, especially after use of

         60% alcohol if needed                                                                                                                   tissue, etc.

    Avoid touching your eyes, nose & mouth                                                                                           Avoid touching your eyes, nose & mouth

    Avoid close contat with others

       (a.k.a. "Social distancing" 4-6 ft)



    COVID-19 vs Allergies vs. Flu: What are the Differences? - Treatment

    COVID-19                                                 ALLERGIES                                                                      FLU

    Stay home except to get medical care         Take prescribed or over-the-counter medication(s)              Anti-viral drugs MAY be an option

    Stay away from others (including                  * antihistamines                                                                 * for people at high-risk for complications

      in your home if having symptoms)              * nasal sprays                                                                    * lung conditions

    Call ahead before going going to the           Immunotherapy where prescribed                                       Stay home and rest

      doctor or Urgent care                                * allergy shots                                                                 Contact your doctor early if you're at high risk

    Wear a facemask only if you are sick            * allergy tablets                                                              

      and around others (if available)



    Seek Good Information (evidence based sources): Centers for Disease Control (CDC), World Health Organization (WHO)

    Practice Prevention:  Wash your hands properly, avoid touching your face, clean surfaces frequently touched by others, stay home as much as possible, etc.

    Follow Guidance: Listen to CDC and Health Department Guidance, STAY CALM & remember - we will get through this


    Next week watch for some health information with an occassional COVID-19 information. Have a good weekend.