• Holicong Middle School 8th Grade Supply List
    Welcome to 8th grade!  Here is a list of supplies for you to gather before coming to school.   
    1. All backpacks, athletic bags, and musical instruments should have an identifying tag on them.  The tag should clearly identify your name and homeroom number.
    2. One zippered three-ring binder large enough to keep a section for Math, Social Studies, Science, English, and World Language. 
    3. Pocket dividers with labels to organize your subjects OR a folder for each subject 
    4. A pencil case which locks into a three-ring binder
    5. A marble composition book (Writer’s Notebook for English) 
    6. A calculator capable of working with fractions (We recommend the Ti30X II S model.)
    7. A supply of 3-holed loose leaf, college-ruled lined paper
    8. Writing Utensils:  sharpened pencils        assorted colored pens-black/blue, red/green (for editing)        highlighters        colored pencils
    9. 2 Expo dry erase markers
    10. A package of 3 x 5 index cards
    11. 4 AAAA batteries (for the laptop stylus)
    12. Post-it notes
    13. Glue stick
    14. A reusable water bottle with name [No disposable water bottles, please.]
    15. Free reading book
    **Class Specific Supplies- These are supplies needed in addition to the above list if you are in one of the following classes: • Advanced Social Studies- A separate 1-inch binder with front sleeve • Geometry- two marble composition books • Some teachers will require additional supplies to be purchased the first week of school
    The school will provide an assignment planner to each student on the first day of school