•  ILLNESS or INJURY at School & Going Home from the Nurse


    All students who become ill at school must be seen by one of the nurse's in the health office. Please advise your child to refrain from TEXTING or contacting to come and pick them up before being evaluated by the nursing staff.

    The School administration require all ill students must be assessed in the health office before being excused to home due to illness or injury.

    Please assure your child that Tohickon’s nursing staff never deny a student the opportunity to contact a parent or guardian from our office.



    So school staff can be of assistance, please contact the health office to notify us if your child:

    ·         Sustains a head injury or is diagnosed with a concussion

    ·         Sustains an injury that may impacts his/her mobility or access to the school day or building (wheelchair, crutches, special transportation, Gym excuse, etc.).

    ·         Has a condition that may cause an extended absence from school (Mononucleosis, surgery, hospitalized etc.