I hope everyone had a safe and enjoyable ski season.  The conditions this winter were the best in many years.  I am looking forward to next season and hoping for another winter with good snow.  
    Please continue reading the important information below.
    • All participants recieving any kind of season pass need to email a photo to Blue Mountain.  Your pass (RF-card) will not have your photo, but your photo will be included in your data file.  When entering the lifts, as you scan your lift pass, your photo appears for lift attendants. 
      • Please email a photo to: seasonpass@skibluemt.com
      • Indicate that you are a member of the Lenape MS Snow Sports Club
      • Even after you get your passes, we still need the pictures to be sent.  The passes themselves will not have the pictures printed on them. Since they are season passes that can be used many times, and not the typical 5- or 6- time school pass, we need the picture of the user in our system for our ski lift operators.
    • Passes will not work if Blue Mountain does not have a Signed Waiver.  They are finding those without waivers when entering your pictures into your file.  If the account was made in a minor’s name, the waiver could not be signed. They are then sending a link and manually attaching the waiver.

    • Vouchers need to be redeemed online, before arrival at https://www.shopskibluemt.com/ - voucher redemption 

    • For those that may decide late that they want rentals we have added the rentals back into the portal with the lessons until December 20th.  At that time, we will remove them and only Lessons will be available till the end of the season. You must make the purchase using the same account as the pass purchase and should keep using the same account for future purchases so items will attach to your passes.  ***You need to use the link and products in the portal***

    • Lessons need to be scheduled through the portal 48 hours in advance.

    Please remember that transportation is not included in the program this year.  Parents will need to provide transportation. 

    The preseason meeting was also recorded and is posted here - Recording of meeting on 10/1 - anyone who could not attend the live meeting can get all the necessary information.

    Note - all payments are made directly to Blue Mountain and are not refundable.

    Please contact Mr. Przybylowski at rprzybylowski@cbsd.org if you have any questions.

    Registration material for the 2021 season: (email an image or copy of 1 and 2)
    3 - CBSD Emer.Med.Treat. Form  (for personal use; do not submit)

    Recording of Lenape Snow Sports Club meeting: Recording of meeting on 10/1 

    Mr. Przybylowski, Lenape Snow Sports Club Coordinator