Sora, by Overdrive


    A large (600 plus) collection of eBooks and audiobooks for Tamanend Students!

    Watch this VIDEO to see what Sora is all about!

    Go to Soraapp.com

    Click find my school

    Select Central Bucks School District

    Search Tamanend Middle School

        Select Sign in using Central Bucks School District

    Use your CB Login

    Once you are in Sorapp.com, you should see the books you can read

    Ex: Wonder, Diary of a wimpy kid, The Selection

    If you want to create a desktop Sora app…


    Highlight the URL of the Sora app website

    Split your screen so you can see the webpage and your desktop


    If you have a public library card, you can add access to the Bucks County Free Library's eBook collection to your Sora App so it will be "one-stop shopping." 

    Public Library

    How to add your account from Bucks County Public Library:

    • In Sora you can add books from the BCPL
    • You need to already have a library card
    • The number on the library card is the User ID. The PIN is the four-digit number the card holder set up when they registered for their card. If you aren’t sure what your PIN is, you can click on Request PIN on the My Account of their website and it will be emailed to you.

    Happy Reading!