School History

  • John Barclay Elementary School first opened its doors to students in September 1965. It was dedicated on October 10, 1965. Beginning in 1990, the school's 25th year, October 10th has been celebrated as the school's birthday. The school was named after John Barclay, who was a prominent citizen in the area in the late 1700's. Please click here to learn more about John Barclay. We also celebrate John Barclay's birthday on January 22nd.

    Barclay school principals have been Mr. Francis Priolo, Mr. George Kallenbach, Dr. Violette Auteri, Mrs. Carolyn Ambler, Dr. James L. Brown, Mr. Leonard Schwartz, Mrs. Dale Scafuro, Mr. Daniel Estep and Dr. Joe Brereton.

    Yearbooks of past years at Barclay, including a Bicentennial Year yearbook, can be found in the school library. At the 50th anniversary, the school opened a time capsule that was mostly made by the children of Barclay's 25th Anniversary Year. During the 50th year, a new time capsule was made, and awaits the 75th anniversary!